colloidal silver- potential danger?

topic posted Sat, June 17, 2006 - 5:06 PM by  ari moshe
i think this info is important to come accross. currnetly im researching a healing path for myself. i am sick. may be lyme disease- who knows. i had the disease 18 months ago and took antibiotics. i beleive it was cured, but i feel the same way i felt then- i dont think is this is a re-emergence of it or if i was bitten again by another tic or is this is something else entirely. i will go to the doctor and get some antibiotic just so i have it if i decide to take it.
check out these articles.

also, if your really interested, google rosemary jacobs, she has done a lot of research.
i appreciate all feedback!
ari moshe
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ari moshe
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    Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

    Sun, June 18, 2006 - 8:40 AM
    rosemary jacobs is fulla crap. read my posts and my blog on CS. ask yourself where all the blue people are??? they are desperately trying to supress CS. the ONLY thing they can harp on is rosemary jacobs. she took SILVER NITRATE nose drops NOT colloidal silver. read my posts for full explanation.
  • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

    Mon, July 3, 2006 - 6:19 PM
    If you are sick I want to strongly suggest you google the following phrase and read, read, read.

    Natural Cellular Defense

    I took colloidal silver a while and noticed no effect. Maybe after a while longer it would have, but this stuff had a dramatic effect within days. I ran into a guy yesterday who has a brain tumor and said after just 2 days the twitching in his right eye went away and he started feeling better. And he didn't try to sell me anything after telling me this! I have read dozens of testimonials from people with all kinds of chronic ailments who have gotten relief within a short time of starting the supplement and it is completely safe. There is lots of information on the National Libraray of Medicine site about how it's ingredients have been used with animals for years with no adverse effects. Personally, I would take a pass on colloidal silver when there is an alternative available that has just as glowing user testimonials and which has no controversy over safety. Just my .02 anyway. Good luck whatever you decide.
    • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

      Tue, July 4, 2006 - 1:59 PM
      hey indi

      i really dont think it has to be either - or, and framing something that way introduces false comparisons. just because c. silver (or any other health product) was not effective for you -- well it could be a variety of reasons, etc, and has absolutely nothing to do with the other product you are promoting. there's many paths to health, so if you believe in something that is healthy -- then you can just talk about it without putting other methods down in the process.

      so no points there -- but what you posted about actually does look really interesting! just spent a chunk of time googling and reading.

      its too bad that right now there is only one company doing this, with their patented process, and its really expensive and multi level
      -- but yeah it looks very impressive, especially the support from gabriel cousens and other doctors.
      • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

        Tue, July 4, 2006 - 3:15 PM
        I kind of vibe to what you're saying, Buck, but there seems an extra incentive in this case to want specifically to compare because the original poster is questioning safety. If I had a choice between two products that were equally effective and one had safety questions attached to it while the other did not, I would want to know that. It would be an important part of my decision.

        If I had personally had amazing results with colloidal silver that were beyond what I experienced with NCD I would point that out too, so that that could be a part of the decision. Maybe it is worth more risk for more gain. But as it so happens it was quite the reverse for me. I'm just giving my opinion and of course the original poster and any reader knows that, so it's not like they have to think "well this one person had the experience with colloidal versus NCD so that must be how it would be for anyone." I didn't bother to say that that was not my point because I thought it went without saying, but to be absolutely clear in case there is any doubt, that is not my point.

        My point really is that I think there are other good options for anyone worried about the risks. I never got too concerned about the risks because I feel I am in touch with my own body enough that if I started having a negative reaction to a product I would know it way before I started turning blue. There is so much opinion on both sides of the C.S. safety question that I would not be too afraid to at least try it given how positive many people's opinions of its benefit, and that's why I did try it despite having read lots of warning stuff myself.

        It is only because my personal experience has been so much stronger to the positive with NCD that I take it instead of the C.S. now. But if someone is factoring in a genuine fear issue with the C.S. I think its worth pointing out they don't have that extra issue with NCD. No put down intended towards C.S. nor denial that for some people it might be more powerful than NCD.
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          Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

          Wed, July 5, 2006 - 5:51 AM
          Indi, I don't quite understand what you were expecting to happen. Taking Zeolite will give results because everyone has some form of pollution in their body. If you were to have the flu, the colloidal silver would have given results in 6 hours, but the Zeolite wouldn't have. The point of taking colloidal silver daily is to prevent infection, but daily intake is not needed if you just wish to use it to cure an infection.
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          Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

          Wed, July 5, 2006 - 6:00 AM
          In the UK, I believe 600 people on average die each year from putting their socks on. Did you know that you are more likely to catch an illness simply because you are black and lack vitamin D because of the lack of sunlight you get each year. You need to get this into proportion with education. Read steves blogs and take your time.
          • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

            Sun, July 9, 2006 - 12:13 PM
            Micky you are making a lot of false assumptions in your reply to my post. First, I do sometimes take daily NCD preventatively as it not only has toxin-clearing properties but also has anti-viral properties, though I don't tend to be that regular with it since it isn't that big a concern for me. I have a sister with Lupus however and she takes it regularly with great results. My mother also reported a rash clearing up on her hand after taking it a few days. I have heard even greater reports from people I don't know as well, including curing cancer, fibromyalgia, and a whole assortment of very serious ailments. I find it nips a cold in the bud, and that is mainly how I take it, when I first feel myself getting sick. That is why I think of NCD as a viable alternative to C.S. Doesn't mean everyone needs to make the switch, but it does seem that the same types of claims for effectiveness I've heard linked to C.S. I've also heard linked to NCD, and then some. Additionally, I don't personally know any single person taking C.S. who has reported to me the types of things I've heard reported firsthand from people I know about NCD. I think I already mentioned the man I ran into in the parking lot the other day (who was old friends with the person I was walking with) who told us about how it was having an effect on his brain tumor. I think one can definitely say that both NCD and C.S. have people very excited about what they can do.

            Second, you assume I haven't already done my research. I've read quite a lot about C.S. My Ivy League education turned me into a pretty serious researcher. I wouldn't have bought a silver pulser if I hadn't done my homework. However, after taking the C.S. myself my experience brought me to a different conclusion than my research. So now I take NCD. Again, the whole point of suggesting the NCD (not to you, but to the original poster who asked for feedback) is to say that it is a viable alternative to C.S. that doesn't have ANY safety concerns linked to it. Is there some reason you think it is a bad thing to let him know that?

            I have to add, that one thing that always sends up red flags for me about any product is if I get the impression that it's proponents are a bit too agitated when anyone even hints at there being problems associated with the product of even just points out there being alternatives to it.

            I have no problem with anyone taking both NCD and C.S. I don't have any vested interest in the matter. I personally am done with C.S. because it had not noticeable effect on me and with the safety questions hovering around it I see no upside to assuming any risk whatsoever. That doesn't mean I feel the need to go on the offensive if someone suggests C.S. over NCD. To each their own. Research suggests people can benefit from taking either product in treating a wide variety of ailments (though again, my personal experience and first hand testimonials I've encountered suggest greater effectiveness with the NCD).

            In a nutshell, I think anyone worried about the supposed dangers of C.S. (which are not conclusive when distilled water is used) should skip the product and just use NCD. That's my feedback. I respect that others have a different point of view on the matter, likely based on different personal experience or reports from people they know personally, and might wish to make different suggestions to the original poster. I think that's clear now, so I won't belabor the point. If anyone cares to continue beating this dead horse they are welcome to do so without my further input.
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              Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

              Sun, July 9, 2006 - 1:28 PM
              In fact I thought you were a bit confused because you seemed to be expecting more from colloidal silver than it can give. I would never suggest that it might cure cancer for example.

              Frankly, I'm not really sure what you mean by "NCD". I looked at the links and came across Zeolite which is very good.

              I always say that what works for you is what's best for you. No one knows you better than you do.
              • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

                Mon, July 10, 2006 - 10:03 AM
                hey mick
                ncd is natural cellular defense

                and this is what she's talking about

                i haven't used it

                there's also companies that sell it by the bottle instead of a 4 pack
                i've read that since its a multi level operation if you sign up to be a distributor there is a discount. this company has some unique process so they are the only ones making it.
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                  Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

                  Mon, July 10, 2006 - 2:32 PM
                  Thanks. It appears to be Zeolite which comes from volcanic rock as I understand it. The Zeolite does a detox starting with one substance and then another. There are many sources of Zeolite. Anyone of them will do a good job.

                  The thing that gets me is that the whole alternative cure area is becoming so expensive. I don't think that volcanic rock or the process used to change it for public consumption costs that much.
      • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

        Sun, August 6, 2006 - 1:49 PM
        Dr. Jubb of Jubb's Longevity in NYC has herbal formulations with Zeolite (the active ingredient in Natural Cellular Defense.) It's in his Omega herb blend to be used with the Alpha blend. You can reach his delicatessen at 212-353-5000
        • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

          Sun, August 6, 2006 - 2:51 PM

          first off thanks for the link -- im not in nyc, but his books look interesting.

          do you know if they clean out the zeolite first ?

          my understanding is that is what makes ncd special -- the zeolite has been cleansed first, so is able to soak up the heavy metals.
          otherwise you are taking in something that, in some percentage, is already filled up with other junk. and according to their literature -- thats why it took the scientist behind ncd years -- he finally figured out how to clean the zeolite and have it still be active.
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      Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

      Tue, August 8, 2006 - 4:06 PM
      sorry it took so long for me to address these postings. i was offline for two months and am just catching up. i am very impressed by your ivy league education. pray tell how did you know that you were actually making CS ?? you couldn't see it because i have tested pulse generators and they make no appreciable amounts of colloidal silver. they are a SCAM! if you can't see CS with the naked eye theres not enough there to work.and i know you couldn't see for dramatic effects you obviously haven't tried any real CS. because it works dramaticly, 100% of the time, quickly. it has nothing to do with subjective opinion or working for some and not others depending on thier body chemistry or metabolism. it's purely science based. and even though you researched your ivy league fingers off you obviously missed my well as the many testimonials on tribe and yahoo colloidalsilver2 group. sorry you got snookered. you haven't used cs yet if you only used homemade with a pulse generator. want dramatic? check out herbalmedicine tribe. colloidal silver update etc.
      ps.zeolites are good too. i often use them. but then we're comparing apples and oranges. CS doesn't detox. thats not it's function.
  • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

    Thu, July 6, 2006 - 4:05 PM
    rosemary jacobs seems to be full of crap. but stan jones is not.

    he made his own col silver - and after two years got agryia. he has not renounced col silver, and his story is a good lesson that there are many variables w. col silver and its not necessarily so 'easy' to make it yourself. and a really important point -- people with different conditions and histories will react very differently. its quite possible that a hundred people could have done the exact same thing as stan jones and never gotten agryia.

    this page, from a web site that is clearly very pro col silver, seems to have a good overview of his case and all the variables involved.

    • Re: colloidal silver- potential danger?

      Wed, June 20, 2007 - 6:53 PM
      A great overview of CS and the levels of propaganda around it's use. I hope all is well with you all...I've been hyperbusy with LA stuff and I see the dialog goes on here, I'll try to be around more this summer. One Love!

      May 16. 2007

      Rosemary Jacobs (Again) & Anti-Colloidal Silver Propaganda (May 20, 2007)

      Subject: heavy metals
      Date: Wed, May 16, 2007
      To: Editor

      Hi Ken -

      I've just been perusing the web with regard to colloidal precious metals, and read about both the Gold & Silver on your site. I find it strange that you currently promote the use of silver, but advise against using gold. Are you aware of this tale:

      I am just trying to understand why you would still promote the use of colloidal silver when there is evidence that it causes harm? Seems to me they are both wrought with risk, and unproven as healing agents.

      Personally, I'll be avoiding either.

      thx - I enjoy your site a lot.
      Greg F.

      (p.s. - Are you related to Goro Adachi? Goro runs a website featuring themes similar to yours that I also enjoy)


      Hello Greg,

      Your use of the word "tale" is far more appropriate than you might imagine. Yes, I'm well aware of who Rosemary Jacobs is and of her well polished and often repeated 'story', but here's what you may not know:

      Rosemary Jacobs is not the sole "author" of her 'story'. Her story contains far too many 'unnatural' elements that tell you that she's working with hidden advisors from the government (FDA) and perhaps pharmaceutical "friends" who have helped her craft a propaganda piece that is masquerading as her 'personal story'. Her covert "Mission" (which she has accepted) is to get colloidal silver placed under FDA control and regulation. That's why she presents her 'story' with the unexplained and mysterious acronym of "CSP" whenever alluding to colloidal silver. It also explains why she has no specific memory of what was actually in the bottle of nose drops (other than silver) which her doctor prescribed for her in 1953, but she has unlimited and encyclopedic knowledge about the most obscure JAMA studies and reports on colloidal silver going back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It also explains why this "private person" as she insists on identifying herself, goes through the effort and expense of going to Rockville, Maryland on May 7, 1999 and testifying at the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research Committee ( in front of the Pharmacy Compounding Advisory Committee on proposed regulations to place colloidal silver under FDA jurisdiction (in this case, the proposal was to add colloidal silver {identified as 'mild silver protein'} to a category of FDA regulated products called the "bulk list". That motion failed to pass).

      Rosemary also vehemently asserts that no one is "sponsoring" her. It's just a freak coincidence of nature that her 'story' happens to fit the anti-colloidal silver propaganda mantra of the FDA to a tee, down to the smallest detail. It reminds me of Illuminati disinformation shills who will yell to the rafters that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion is a fake and forgery, YET, the Protocols narrative fits the observed Illuminati action plan-exactly. Me doth thinks that she protests too much.

      Rosemary Jacobs is a woman raised in Long Island NY. In 1953, at the age of eleven, her physician prescribed nose drops for her because she had a stuffy nose frequently and suffered from allergies. He wrote her out a prescription and she went to the drug store and had it filled (made) and repeatedly refilled for at least 3 or 4 years. Rosemary claims that she doesn't know exactly what was in the bottle, other than that it was a solution containing silver, however, silver nitrate is the most likely candidate since it was commonly used in earlier times to prevent blindness in newborns because of the potential problem of venereal disease transmission from the mother causing eye infection and blindness in the baby. Silver nitrate was placed in the eyes of every (hospital born) infant up to perhaps 15 or 20 years ago.

      Silver nitrate is a PROTEIN COMPOUND. Colloidal silver (CS) is not a protein or a compound. It's an element, silver, suspended in water. Silver is atomic number 47 on the Periodic Chart of Elements.

      Skin is made out of PROTEIN. Protein has an affinity for protein and for PROTEIN COMPOUNDS.

      Apparently she took enough nose drops that her skin (protein) became bound with enough silver nitrate (protein compound) to discolor her skin and produce her slate/blue skin tone, medically known as argyria. Argyria is more of a cosmetic problem, rather than a health problem-and it's rather RARE. You notice in her 'story' that she calls colloidal silver, "colloidal silver CSP" She NEVER defines what "CSP" means, yet she uses the term repeatedly, alternating that acronym with "colloidal silver." In other words, 'she' (her and her FDA ghost writers) wants you to think that "CSP" and "colloidal silver" are THE SAME THING, but I'm here to tell you that they are NOT the same thing; not by a country mile. They both contain silver, yes. They both appear as a colloid solution, yes. But ONE is A NITRATE COMPOUND and the other is plain, elemental silver suspended in water.

      Somewhere in the early to mid 1990's, the pharmaceutical/medical establishment discovers this woman and finds that she's a perfect shill to appear before medical conventions and press conferences in the mid to late 90's in order to decry the horrors of using "colloidal silver", a natural germ fighter-and potentially, a HUGE source of dirt-cheap competition to expensive pharmaceutical antibiotics (are you beginning to see the picture?).

      After being trotted out at numerous medical shows, Rosemary finds herself at the helm of a large web site today where her articles and 'personal story' about the "dangers" of using colloidal silver are given at length. In the two or three articles I took off the web in 1997 (CNN and others), it said that Rosemary used "colloidal silver (CSP)" and that's what caused her problems, but throughout the rest of the article, they dropped the use of the initials "CSP" and ONLY used the term 'colloidal silver'. In her 'story', Rosemary makes NO distinction between her use of CSP, colloidal silver PROTEIN, and the elemental form of colloidal silver (CS) sold in health food stores or that which is made with an electrolysis-type DC generator.

      Is it possible that Rosemary Jacobs, after making all of those appearances at medical conventions, found a new source of "work" to sustain her in some way? Do you suppose that the pharmaceutical boys who were dragging Rosemary around from one medical convention to the next simply dropped her off at her doorstep one night and waved goodbye to her forever? I don't think so.

      I think Rosemary functions as a sort of poster lady for what will happen to you if you are 'foolish' enough to try using colloidal silver (after all, who wants to turn grey/blue for the rest of your life?). So here we have a woman, who would otherwise just be scrimping by on a Social Security check, deeply involved in an 'education' effort that just happens to dovetail perfectly with the propaganda goals of the pharmaceutical industry to pooh pooh colloidal silver and scare the pants off anyone who might consider using CS. Of course, you catch no glimpse of her pharmaceutical chums when you read her article. You get the idea that poor old Rosemary is sitting there at the kitchen table banging out her tale of woe in order to save the the world from repeating the same "tragic" mistake that cost her the loss of her peach and cream colored skin. Did you notice how carefully her supportive allusions to antibiotics were woven into her 'story'. Did you also notice that the comments she provides from what we are to assume are authority figures such as Dr. so and so, are always badmouthing those "dangerous quacks" who 'peddle' this 'dangerous' silver? She's spouting propaganda mantras invented by pro-pharmaceutical ghost writers. "Ordinary" people don't use these sort of carefully crafted "killer points" in telling her 'story'. She's giving us a "presentation" of the corporate, boardroom variety in order to sell "her" concerns. Her narrative is a propaganda commercial for the FDA, plain and simple.

      Didn't you notice how well it worked with you?

      These are your words:"Seems to me they are both wrought with risk, and unproven as healing agents."

      "Wrought with risk"...You see? You bought right into it. The story scared you;... exactly what was intended to happen. So what you assumed to be 'evidence of harm' is in reality scare tactics designed to frighten you.

      Silver is a highly germicidal metal, most effective when in the colloidal state created by electrolysis. There is no other metal that matches the healing/rejuvenation ability of silver combined with its remarkable germicidal qualities. There is a MOUNTAIN of research data PROVING the effectiveness and safety of colloidal silver; you just haven't seen it or read it. .

      Gold is another matter: a different metal with different attributes and no germicidal abilities. It shouldn't be in the body.

      Here's a link to more articles about colloidal silver.

      If I have the time, I might write a Part 2 to this story and give you much more information about Rosemary Jacobs and the anti-colloidal silver propaganda campaign.

      Regards, Ken

      P.S.. The real story about Goro and I won't be revealed for at least 50 years after our deaths, so it's futile to try and get anything out of me now. Sorry.

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